ISSN 2307-9878 (Print)
ISSN 2518-1181 (Online)
DOI 10.33146/2307-9878

Oblìk ì fìnansi (OiF) is the peer-reviewed open-access academic journal indexed in international directories and scientometric databases.

Journal was founded in 2004 by the Federation of the Auditors, Accountants and Financiers of the Agro-Industrial Complex of Ukraine. Before 2013, the journal was published entitled Oblìk ì fìnansi APK. In 2012 the editorial policy was updated, and the journal's title was changed. 

The journal's major focus is to provide a scientific basis for scholars and researchers by publishing high-quality studies in accounting, finance, and related fields.

The Journal's Editorial Staff has been awarded a Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

  • Submission of articles for publication

    Dear authors,
    Submission of articles for publication in Issue 2(100) is open to June 20, 2023. The foreign authors may receive a discount, which depends on factors such as country of origin, the author's position in the institute, quality and originality of the work (see the Waiver Policy of the Journal). Oblìk ì fìnansi Issue 2(100) will be published on June 30, 2023.

    Please create an author account by filling a web-based submission form to submit your manuscript. Moreover, the manuscript can be submitted to the editor by email.

    Before submitting, we recommend reviewing the Guidelines for Authors and Editorial Policies.

  • We continue to work in wartime

    Dear readers and authors! 

    Despite the difficult circumstances of the war, the editorial office continues to work. In addition, the Editorial Board of the journal was supplemented by new foreign members - Dr Tarek Chebbi (Oman) and Dr Deimante Teresiene (Lithuania). Dr Gia Zoidze from Georgia has joined our Team of Advisors. Many thanks to Ukrainian and foreign authors who supported the journal with their articles. This allowed us to publish all issues in time.

  • How to cite the Journal correctly?

    Dear readers and authors! To ensure correct international citation, since 2021, we use the transliterated Journal Title - Oblìk ì fìnansi, which the ISSN International Center registered.

    Due to several scientific journals with the same title globally, please don't use the English version of the Journal Title - Accounting and Finance - for citation (in the References List).

  • Invitation for an exciting opportunity to be an Editorial Advisor

    We seek an enthusiastic, organized, and well-connected individual who shall promote the journal's development to ensure its future success.

    We will include at least one person / Topic Expert from different countries in our Team of Advisors.

    We accept Editorial Advisor applications for a three-year term commencing July 1, 2022.

    Your benefits as Editorial Advisor:

    * You will be strongly supported in your work by a full-time Editorial Assistant.

    * For your submitted articles to the journal (if you are the corresponding author), you do not need to pay any Fees.

    If you are interested in making an application, please send a brief CV to If you have any queries or would like any further information, please don't hesitate to ask.

    The level of citation of articles published in Oblìk ì fìnansi can be viewed in Google Scholar. The journal has its public bibliometric profile. Among the Ukrainian academic journals, Oblìk ì fìnansi ranks 17th in terms of citation.

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